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Can I request a feature add in this section?

We are a lot of mods/streamers that wish to share bans across multiple channels, is there a way you could implement this?
We get a lot of racists/sexists etc etc in the streams and we feel they should be banned from all channels we control.
This feature should ofc be optional and should also require a special tag to be able to be used.

Channels should also be able to whitelist people if they feel the ban is unjust

don’t be shy now people, the idea won’t bite!

Nightbot by design cannot ban or unban users, such commands should be done by the broadcaster or moderators. Implementing something like this would break that design, sorry.

is Nightbot made from scratch or is it an Eggdrop fork?

iirc nightbot was made from using an old bot code during the jtv days. Later on as night got better at coding (and many revisions later,) most or all code from the fork was rewritten from scratch.
Also bots, in general, should only timeout users not ban them as a user can get banned on a false positive notion and a mod might not notice it.

Nightbot was never a fork or based on old bot code.

yeah, my idea was to let the broadcaster or mods add people to a global bans list, not to use anything automated :slight_smile:

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