Make nighbot say a message after a certain amount of time after a command being called

Is it possible to have nighbot make say something after a certain amout of time has past after a command being called. (Ex: !timer 10 minutes; after 10 mins have past nightbot says, “Timer Done”)

I can think of two solutions. The first would use a custom API and be precise but would be limited to times under 5 minutes. The second would use Nightbot timers and allow for any amount of time but would be imprecise (the timer would be checked once per minute for completion).

Do either of these solutions work for you?

no, more specifically i want to be able to do do a command like !timer 5 then after 5 min have past nightbot will say 5 minute timer over. Or if i did !timer 10 then after 10 min nighbot will say 10min timer over.

Is it okay if the timers are only checked once every minute (e.g. 4:00:03, 4:01:03, 4:02:03, 4:03:03, 4:04:03, etc.)?

again, thinking of a way to be able to do something like !timer 10, then after 10 min nightbot will say 10min timer over. Not sure what you mean by every minute, can you explain this to me?

A custom API to allow me to do something like !timerset 10 then after 10 min something happends then !timer would show remaing time and !timerend would end a timer early

This isn’t really possible using default Nightbot, it would need to use Nightbot’s API to accomplish something like this.

I dont really know anything about developing Custom API’s. Do you know if there is an existing one for this?

another idea is there a way to be able to make a custom timer using an API, then after it ends once it disables

This problem can’t be solved with a Custom API. It has to be a custom bot that watches Twitch chat that starts a timer after a command has been sent and then use the /channel/send endpoint.

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