Make a !clip that links the last clip made on the channel

hello fellow nightbot users, i need some help creating a cool comand that would link the last clip made on the channel, idk if its possible and if it is idk how to do it either, i have very very basics programing skills so this is out of my reach. Does anyone knows how to get nightbot to get the link of the last clip made in the channel and link it ? is it even possible or would i need to manually put the link of a specific clip and update it manually ? Thanks for help !

Hey @likzy!

Unfortunately, the Twitch API regarding clips is very lacking so you can’t reach for the last created clip.

Maybe a custom API that does the job exists, but I really doubt it as Twitch themselves don’t give much ways to work with clips. There’s a small possibility to use the started_at parameter, but I don’t see it working reliably, sadly.

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