Lost my uploaded emotes, how to retrieve?

My HDD failed and most of my emotes that I uploaded onto BTTV are gone. I was wondering if there was a way I could download the emote so I can have it on this new HDD? Some old friends are requesting certain emotes so they can upload them for their own channel (Twitch, not BTTV).

Main Question: How can I get my emotes back as original file? Support? An option somewhere?

Once an emote is removed from BetterTTV it cannot be retrieved as we delete it from our storage too.

Sorry, I meant that it is removed from my computer and not from BTTV. The emotes are still available on BTTV in the “My Emotes” area.

as with other images on webpages you can just right click and save as, on the emote page.

Well I was curious if I could get the original file size I uploaded since the View Image size is 56x56. Pretty sure original uploaded image was 112x112.

There are three sizes on the emote page. The largest is 112x112, the smallest is 28x28. You must have selected the middle one. You can tell its the right size if the link you open is “3x” or if when downloaded it suggests that name.

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Ah wow just changing filename to 3x make it 112. Dude you are awesome. Problem solved!

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