Lost my slots for BTTV

So, i had to unsub from BTTV for about 2/3 months since i had a suspension on Twitch.

I resubbed on Wednesday, and now it says my “Personal Emotes” are at 8/5.

How long until i can more again? I use to have like 10 slots…

Is this a bug? or did i really lose my slots because i unsubbed for a few months…

Currently extra slots are granted for each contiguous month you subscribe. If you unsubscribe you break your streak, thus resetting your slots. You get 1 additional slot of every month you stay subscribed, up to 25 in total.

Well that’s quite a bummer… I have to sub for 9 months again to get another slot back? Since I’m at 8/5.

Since you’re at 8 emotes that would mean you need to sub for 3 total months to get back to 8.

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