Lost Donations - Help ASAP

I was not aware that the StreamTip Alerter software updated. I was sent two donations within the past few days, and did not receive that through StreamTip, which means I did not receive them through Paypal or the bank.

I just updated the StreamTip software, but the new donations still have not shown. What do I do about this? If I didn’t get the donations, did my two viewers lose money?

Please help, Night!

-Colton (Twitch Channel: twitch.tv/cmshortboy)

Some basic things to know about Streamtip…

All tips received through Streamtip are sent to the Paypal email address that you setup on the streamtip.com accounts page.

Tips processed by Streamtip are always received, regardless of whether or not you have the Streamtip alerter app open.

All tips processed by Streamtip will show up on your streamtip.com dashboard.

If you are not receiving tips, it means that ether the transition did not go through, or your Paypal is setup incorrectly. Please make certain that your Paypal email is entered correctly and that you are using the email that is currently setup with Paypal.

Thanks for the general info. The email was incorrect, so I changed it to what it should be, but I still have not received those 2 donations. Is there going to be a few minutes-hours until they show? And here’s the thing I don’t get… I’ve received donations before… I don’t recall changing the email though.


All payments sent until this date will have been sent to the old email address. If that email was setup with Paypal, then whomever owns that account will have received the tips. If the email was not setup with Paypal, then the the payment should not have gone through.

I see. I know someone else did not get my donations, because the wrong inserted email address was too unique. Also, the donators to my stream said it did go all the way through, and that I should’ve received them.

Streamtip will allow people to pay any email you put in, even if it doesn’t exist. If the money isn’t claimed on an uncreated email in 24 hours, the funds are returned to the sender by PayPal.

Ok, I and no one claimed those 2 donations within the past 24 hours. So everything is ok now right? The 2 viewers now have their money back.

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