Looking to make a command that tracks which user it has been used on and track that


[user] Has grounded [touser] [count] times! something like this. But the problem is this just counts the total command usage. Any idea how to fix this would be wonderful.


@prof_gameatron from what I’ve gathered there is not a way to $(count) without adding to it.
but i am no pro so i could be wrong.


Because these commands contain private tokens, you should add them through the Nightbot web interface: https://beta.nightbot.tv/commands/custom.

Go to https://twitch.center/customapi/quote/generate. You will see three lines. Your first token is after token= and before &data= on the first line. Your second token is after token= and before &data= on the second and third lines. Replace FIRSTTOKEN and SECONDTOKEN with these before you add the following commands.

!ground (alias to _!ground)
$(eval d=decodeURIComponent;e=encodeURIComponent;q=d("$(querystring)").replace(/^@/,"");u=d("$(querystring $(user))");if(q){if(q.toLowerCase()==u.toLowerCase()){"$MYSELF$"}else{"http://twitch.center/customapi/addquote?token=SECONDTOKEN&data="+e(e(u)+"|"+e(q)+",")}}else{"$NOUSER$"})

$(eval d=decodeURIComponent;q=d("$(querystring)");r=`$(urlfetch $(query))`;if(r.startsWith("Successfully ")){m=q.match(/data=(.*)%7C(.*)%2C$/);m?d(d(m[1]))+" grounded "+d(d(m[2])):"!ground is misconfigured"}else if(q=="$MYSELF$"){"You cannot ground yourself!"}else if(q=="$NOUSER$"){"No user specified!"}else{r=="[Error Connecting To WebProxy Service]"?"Use !ground":`Error connecting to quote system: ${r}`.substr(0,400)})

$(eval d=decodeURIComponent;q=d("$(querystring)").replace(/^@/,"");u=d("$(querystring $(user))");e=(f,s)=>f.toLowerCase()==s.toLowerCase();n=d("$(querystring $(urlfetch json http://twitch.center/customapi/quote/list?token=FIRSTTOKEN&no_id=1))").split(",").reduce((a,c)=>a+(m=c.match(/^(.*)\|(.*)$/),m?(e(u,d(m[1]))&&(q?e(q,d(m[2])):1)):0),0);u+` has ${q?"grounded "+q:"used !ground"} ${n} time${n==1?"":"s"}!`)

!ground lets you “ground” another user.
_!ground is a utility command for !ground.
!grounds displays the number of times the user has used !ground, or, if a name is specified, the number of times the user has “grounded” that name.


Alright I will try this when I get home later today. Hopefully it works and thanks so much already for the help!