Looking for someone to help me make a pretty specific API for nightbot

Whats up folks Pokemonchallenges here. (twitch.tv/pokemonchallenges)

On my stream I have a little system where we nickname pokemon after a randomly chosen recent follower and I am looking to automate this process. So I’m looking to have a command, that, when I type it in will get my last five followers, pick one at random and output that into chat.

Is that even possible? If anyone is willing to help me on this, we can definetley talk about monetary compensation here

Answer here or email me at pokemonchallenge@gmail.com if you’re intrested in helpin me out with this,

Thank you in advance and have a fantastic day.

Hey! Thats possible, try this:

!commands add !recent $(urlfetch https://2g.be/twitch/recentfollower.php?channel=$(channel)&x=5)

This link picks the most recent follower:

If you add &x=5 to it it will pick a random follower from the last 5 followers, you can change this from 1-25.
Questions? Let me know.

This worked perfectly, thanks a bunch!

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