Looking for some help with !addkill list

I’m new to this stuff and not 100% sure how to implement.

I’m basically looking to have a !lastkill command that also can be edited by moderators by using !updlastkill or something similar which will take a twitch clip and update the !lastkill command with what the moderator puts. E.G.

!updlastkill {twitch link to clip}
Nightbot: Last kill has been updated.

then calling the command !lastkill would just post the twitch link to the clip the moderator put in.

Had a look through the forums but can’t find anything concrete enough for me to make sense of so any help would be greatly appreciated!

So you want two commands: !lastkill which gives the current clip link and !updlastkill which will overwrite !lastkill with a new clip link.

Just copy and paste these into your chat:

!addcom -cd=5 !lastkill Check out $(channel)’s latest kill over here: https://clips.twitch.tv/yourClipLinkHere

!addcom !updlastkill -a=!editcom !lastkill Check out $(channel)’s latest kill over here: $(query)

In the response for !lastkill replace yourClipLinkHere with the current clip link you want it to post.

Hi @RokettoJanpu

Thank you very much for this! I’ve put them into my channel and they seem to have worked a treat!

See if I apply the same logic as above but change it for last death and updlastdeath, then it will create a last death command and update last death command?

Thanks again!

No problem!

Not sure what your question is, but I can explain what those commands do. The !addcom stuff in my post is supposed to create two commands, !lastdeath which outputs a link and !updlastdeath which overwrites !lastdeath (notice the -a=!editcom part) so it outputs a new link. When one of your mods types “!updlastdeath (some new link)” it will edit the response of !lastdeath to show the new link. Did that answer your question? If not please elaborate. :slight_smile:

Sorry I didn’t make that very clear!

So I have the commands for last kill and upd last kill all working. And I have done was change the name.of commands to lastdeath but used the same code you sent just changed the command name in the code! Thank you very much for your help though! It’s all working!!

I understand now. Changing the names of the commands shouldn’t affect anything just as long as you set the response for !updlastdeath so it includes -a=!editcom !lastdeath instead of -a=!editcom !lastkill but I believe you’ve got that sorted out. :slight_smile:

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I do so! Thank you very much for your help!!

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