Looking for a group to get some commands together

Having some trouble with getting some codes working hoping to get some people together to work on making a list or making new commands i think it would help everyone out

What problems are you experiencing? What do you have so far, what is it doing, and what is it suppose to do? If you need to, use pastebin if the code is too long for the forum.

Honestly i’m messing up the simplest things just started to learn this a few says ago and i’m having trouble with my !Uptime, !fps, and i’m trying to get some new commands but have no clue where to start

Ah… Well, if you’re looking for a place to start, check my thread here. I put a couple of Custom APIs together, including an uptime, and I put the full source code in pastebin links. Just look at what I did, and see if you can improve it. or just at-least understand how a basic API works for NightBot.

literally no clue how to even use your code.

Copy the entire thing, paste into notepad or similar text editor, I use notepad++, save as something.php. FTP something.php to your web server, and type in the url to something.php. Just make sure to include any required arguments (I don’t know what they’re actually called, “something.php?argument=whatever&anotherArgument=somethingElse”).
But if you’re still lost, you should do some reading on PHP, and get yourself some free web hosting to host the APIs if you don’t already have one. Google is a great resource, there’s quite a few free hosting services. Or if you don’t want to do any of that, maybe ask around to see if anyone will help create whatever you want. Not sure if here would be the best place, but I might recommend StackOverflow.

$(channel) has $(twitch $(channel) “{{followers}} followers!”) thats what my code looks like tf type of coding do i need to have something host it.

I am so Confused! literally no clue whats happening

That command should work, you just have to add it, type the following code in your chat, change !followers to whatever you want:

!addcom !followers $(channel) has $(twitch $(channel) "{{followers}} followers!")

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