Long Term Emotes Denied?

I had 2 emotes up for awhile and when I recently edited them to see if they would be better or easier when named something else, they were denied. The 2 emotes were elecNyehahah and crySHULKAHOLE. Why were they denied months after being allowed up on there, when I tried editing them?

When an emote is denied there is an email sent to you with the reason the emote approver gave.

I know that, but why were the emotes approved before, when they’re getting denied now?

It could have been an accident, rules were changed, issue wasn’t noticed the first time around, etc. It could be any number of reasons. If you think it was not fair you can reupload with a justification, but do keep in mind the reason that was included in the email.

An emote is not just automatically approved if it was uploaded before but name changed, it gets another separate look at and if an issue is found it will be denied to the same level that a newly uploaded emote is.

Even changing the name to how it was before, it was still denied. Maybe the emote rules or whatever were updated? I can’t think of any other reason and one of the reasons for denial on one of the emotes, I didn’t even understand. “Emotes with text letters are not allowed. Use an entire word in one emote or no letters at all.” I’ll post the other one, just for clarification purposes. “Don’t use the term “ahole” in your emote code.”

Emotes that are changed go back into the approval queue. Since rules are always changing, your emote might be subjected to more scrutiny.

Ahh, alright. Thanks for the answers. I just wanted to clarify and to make sure if what I assumed was correct or not.

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