Logging people in chat with nighbot

Hello everyone! I have recently stopped by Summit1g’s chat he has a custom
command for HNLBOT that allows him to log specific viewers to see what they
have said in the past months, years, and days. Here is the command, disregard
the quotes. "%SENDER% Check logs here: http://tab-bot.net/overrustlelogs/summit1g/%LOWER%INDEX1%%"
The channel im modding for is Kosdff he is a pretty good sized streamer and I wanna
have some proof while banning people. I also wanna set this up with my own channel
sooner or later. Note he is getting added to the log list so it might take a while but
I just wanna know how I would set it up and if its supported.

Nightbot’s log system is for a private general use of seeing what people said and is fairly basic in nature. It doesn’t track bans/timeouts or command usage or Nightbot responses; the logs are also limited to the most recent 10k messages. If you want a specific chat logging tool you’ll have to seek elsewhere, sorry.

I figured it out its good

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