Loggin in and 2fa (question about deleting account)

For some reason I am unable to log in to my nightbot account via twitch. It’s asking for 2fa and I for the life of me can not find my back up codes or even remember if i ever enabled it. I guess I did. I can log in via youtube no problem.

Question is, if I log in via youtube and delete my account will that also delete the twitch account? And if so would I be able to log back in fresh? I don’t really have a lot on the twitch side other than a few commands so it’s no big loss.

Or is there another option in getting back into my twitch account. I assumed it was using Authy, so I’ve reset and mangled that app enough that I can’t even reinstall it so that’s out the door.

What are my options? I’d like to get back in and do some tinkering but I can’t even get in. I’m lost and out of ideas

If your 2FA problem is with Twitch then you need to contact their support page.

If it’s Nightbot’s 2FA you can use this contact form.

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