Local time command revised

Hi, I was wondering if it would be possible to further “improve” the small API provided as a response to another topic made on the forums linked below.

Local time command

What I have in mind is simply allowing a more depth on the filters. I’d like to create a command that would simply output a line of text such as "My current time is: " and just the time in such format HH:MM AM/PM instead of the excessive day, month, year etc. format.

Hope it’s not too complicated and can be implemented.

While we might offer you the ability to add your own date format specification in the future through an official time variable, at the moment there is not a way to customize the API. You can always make your own custom API if ours does not conform to your liking.

I personally do not think month, day, and year are excessive at all. People live in different timezones and can be easily confused by the just the time alone, which is why we do show this information.

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