Loading loading loading on "skip song" button

So on auto DJ on the site https://beta.nightbot.tv/song_requests if a song is running and clicking “skip song” button the page loads and loads and loads…

I have no issue with the skipping songs. Users have been reporting bugs dealing with Soundcloud hosted songs that we cannot locally reproduce. Until it gets fixed I would recommend disabling Soundcloud.

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Well I disabled it but it keeps playing tracks from SoundCloud!

And I get these messages in Firefox Inspector:

ProgressController is now deprecated. Use UibProgressController instead.vendor-36d7c2a1.js:3:22730
progress is now deprecated. Use uib-progress instead.vendor-36d7c2a1.js:3:22730
$modal is now deprecated. Use $uibModal instead.vendor-36d7c2a1.js:3:22730
player not activeapp-f8b5f49e.js:1:20628
Error: WebGL: getParameter: parameter: invalid enum value <enum 0x9246>base.js:846:144
’postMessage’ konnte auf ‘DOMWindow’ nicht ausgeführt werden: Der angegebene Ziel-Ursprung (origin - ‘https://w.soundcloud.com’) stimmt nicht mit dem Empfängerfenster-Ursprung überein (‘https://beta.nightbot.tv’).song_requests
Quellübergreifende (Cross-Origin) Anfrage blockiert: Die Gleiche-Quelle-Regel verbietet das Lesen der externen Ressource auf https://l9bjkkhaycw6f8f4.soundcloud.com/v1/events. (Grund: CORS-Kopfzeile ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ stimmt nicht mit ‘*’ überein).(unbekannt)
Exception: Error: Permission denied to access property "href"widget-6c3640e3.js:5:9905
Object { resource_id: “f-2”, attributes: Object, _escapedAttributes: Object, cid: “c7”, _setting: false, _previousAttributes: Object, id: “c7”, fatal: false, _submodels: Array[0], options: Object, 1 weitere… }widget-6c3640e3.js:5:9959
Error: Permission denied to access property "href"
SoundCloud Embed Player (api-web)

This file listed is the SoundCloud player, which again is not something we are able to fix. We’ve reported the SoundCloud player issues to SoundCloud a while ago, and they are not yet fixed.

If you disable SoundCloud but are using SoundCloud music within a playlist (like for example, the Monstercat playlist we default users to), it will still play when your queue is empty. You can change the playlist in the song request settings.

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It’s fixed now! :smiley: Few hours ago it got fixed, now working like a charm! (?) xD Thx for contacting SoundCloud!

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