LIVE music/singing stream. Setup Songlist, Songrequest and Request queue

Hi! I’ve already spent few days to find information about it, but could not find anything. I’ve got a channel in for playing musical instruments and singing the songs with my friends. We have a lit of songs which we can sing and play, it’s about 160 songs for now, but getting more in every week. Can you please tell me is it possible to create a song list (without YouTube or similar) make a song requests from this list and if the song is not in the list put it in the queue to see them after stream (or to see all requests after the stream). Sorry if there are some mistakes in my topic, English is not my native language… Thank you very much.

It is not possible for Nightbot to make a queue of non-automated music at this time, sorry. You may want to link people to a Google Form instead, which you could then collect responses from:

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