List of available channel emotes

Now that there’s a sub gift feature, any affilliate can give Nightbot a subscription as a gift. It would be a shame if only that particular streamer knows which new emotes Nightbot can use for commands or whatever.

My idea is a list of channel emotes Nightbot can use (on for example).
Anyone can use emotes from this list to add more personality to Nightbot’s custom commands. Twitch will earn more money, some streamers will too, but most importantly: Nightbot will gain more popularity.

The only problem is that the list might get way too big.
What could solve that problem?

We generally don’t consider the list of sub emotes to be a “feature” of nightbot, it’s so variable, can change rapidly, and is largely just so that each streamer can have nightbot make use of their emotes.

That hasn’t stopped people from making such lists, but we don’t to put it out there and support it. Affiliates hasn’t really changed this fact, it was true of partners, and it’s kinda silly that affiliates have to gift nightbot subs in the first place, imo (but that’s another story)

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