!list command recovery

The !list command for Super Mario Maker Streams wasn’t working properly, so i edited the command to let it say ‘DEFECT’. Stupid idea, because i don’t know how to restore the command… Does someone know how to fix the !list command? (I am a moderator, so please tell me how the owner can fix it if necessary)

I assume you were using a custom API for that, was it this one?

Looks like that one is taken down, @dragonexpert

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I gave up that domain. It was costing me too much to maintain and wasn’t being used enough to be worth it.

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@dragonexpert, Are you the one who made the !list and !queue commands? If that is the case, please reply. Then i understand why the !list isn’t working, because you gave it up.

All the commands for the custom api I did no longer work since they all use the pokemonrby.com domain.

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