Links YouTube plzzzz HELP ME

good afternoon, sorry for the mistakes, I’m using the translator haha! I would like to know if there is any way to release links sent in the chat, specifically. For example: My viewers can send links from youtube, and the other links block. I know there is a way with Regex, but I don’t understand anything about it. I wonder if anyone can send me this regex that releases all youtube links on! Filters. Thank you! HI BRAZIL <3

Hey @skyosurfista!

We appreciate you using a translator to keep the forum in English, thank you.

I would like to make sure I understood properly what you are looking for…
Every links are blocked except YouTube’s and you want to block these as well?
Or do you want to unblock specific/every links?

here i am with the translator hahaha. All links are blocked, and I would like to allow general youtube links, or just those in the music category, to use on! Songrequest. However, when non-vip’s use the command, the link looks like ***, there it doesn’t work. Understand me? I would like to add general youtube links to the bot’s whitelist.

Alright, so usually, if you turn on the song requests, YouTube links are automatically whitelisted, that being said, you can make extra sure by writing in the Whitelist field of the Links Spam Protection Filter Options.

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