Links on a time limit?

Does anyone know of a way to only allow people to post links after they’ve been following the channel for a x amount of time?

I dunno if this can be done with Nightbot or just Twitch in general? Maybe some other kinda bot? I like having music requests on but ya know how it is the few screw it up for many by posting troll songs etc…

I know Nightbot has a Regulars thing which is what I’ve been doing but having to constantly add people and even remove them sometimes can get tiring…

Ideas/Feedback would be very greatly appreciated :smiley:

This is not something we support at this time, but if there’s enough interest we may consider adding it.

Thanks night,

Yeah would be really cool if more people were interested… I’ve went ahead and posted on the Twitch Reddit page as well and no replies but the post got 3 upvotes so seems like some people are kinda interested in it?

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