Links not allowed !songrequest <deleted link>


I want to know who to put the correct sentence for enable a link.

I use songrequest and nighbot put the music but all viewer see link not allowed but the music is ok.
i put in the whitelist option “” but when i use songrequest i alway have !songrequest but nighbot put the music in autodj or playlist.

Can you explain to me how to remose the

Thank you

You have to enable songrequests/autodj on the autodj page. there should be an enable/disable button in the top right.

While autodj is enabled links for songrequests are allowed, you do not need to specify them in the spam filter.

Hello ,

Even with the button enable on the autodj page i have the same result ( i clean the spam filter ).


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From what your explaining you probably have a Custom Command named !songrequest. If links are hidden when others request songs you might have “Block Hyperlinks” enabled in your Twitch Settings.

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