Links are not working and are not blocked...

I don’t know why but more recently link have started to not work for me in my chat. It started a few days ago where the commands (including timers) started to instead put “***” than the link it was supposed to put. I was frustrated and checked to see if they were blocked in both twitch and also nightbot. Neither was blocked, and only nightbot would not put in the links. I tested it myself using a twitter link and it worked for me. Only nightbot cannot put in the link, if you need to test this go to my channel and type the command !peter. It should provide a link to molamola79 through nightbot. https://www.twitch,tv/thefinisher__

Hey @thefinisher!

Please make sure you haven’t enabled the Block Hyperlink feature in your settings, it’s under Chat Options: the third block.

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