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Linking a command's count to another command

So I have a command to makes Nightbot bark. And I have another command that I want to use to track that command’s count. From what I’ve seen, there isn’t a way to do that, but maybe it’s because I’m new to all of this. Is there a way for !bark’s count to be displayed in a command like !borkcount, or would I need to combine the two?

Hey @ShUwUba!

This won’t be doable to add a !barkcount, because the only option to update another command would be to use !editcom as an alias, and you can’t have a different output other than the confirmation message.

There are three options open to you tho’, either you add the $(count) at the end of the command:

!addcom !bark *barks* — I've barked $(count) times

you count silently, and then you’ll be able to consult the amount on the dashboard:

!addcom !bark $(eval $(count); `*barks*`)

or you use a multiple messages API:

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