Link whitelist not working?

A streamer that I manage nightbot for was having a lot of issues tonight with songrequest links getting purged despite having several variants of soundcloud and youtube links whitelisted. These settings have worked well in the past, I just added the one tonight, being uncertain what the issue was. but even that should have been caught by the wildcard on the other whitelist setting. What do?

Due to stability issues with the old version of Nightbot, wildcard support was removed on the old version of Nightbot. If the streamer upgrades to the Nightbot beta, their whitelisted links will be migrated to work on the beta and should function properly. Otherwise, the streamer can remove wildcards and the whitelist will function again.

Thanks for the reply. This applies to wildcards across all of nightbot features, I presume?

It does for the current version. The beta version of Nightbot supports wildcards with its blacklist, but not its whitelist. We may eventually re-add wildcards for whitelists, but it doesn’t seem to be necessary.

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Ok, good to know. Thanks.

On the subject of wildcards, is there any possibility of seeing the “?” single character wildcard implemented? I understand this might not be necessary for the average user but there have been plenty of times where I had wished there was more specificity in the filters.

That is something we’ve considered, since it allows for more versatile matching. Our biggest concern is educating users to properly use these for matching, since in the past it’s led to confusion. Right now our focus is on getting Nightbot v4 ready for mass adoption. We’re also working to implement some highly requested features. Once we’re at a stage where we can start creating versatile solutions to existing options, we will try to accommodate this request and others people have.

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