Link permission command not working as supposed to?

Hi there. I’m not sure if I have set the link permission command up properly, but I always having to disable the delete link option on the Nightbot website and then permit the user. If I permit them whilst this filter is enabled then it just says “user ___ has been permitted” but proceeds to delete their link.

Also, when I do permit someone there is no timer that appears but instead it just shows the permit message.

How do I get the timer to appear and stop having to disable the link filter on the Nightbot website? Thanks

Could you provide some screenshots or data of this happening? Pretty simply just permitting someone, them posting a link, then nightbot timing it out (with a mod log of nightbot timing them out?)

I cannot reproduce your issue personally:

This is what i was on about. When i permit someone it doesn’t give a time frame. I also had to deactivate the link filter on Nightbot to make this permit happen

If nightbot isn’t responding to !permit then why would you expect it to properly permit…?

In this case its because you have the default !filters command disabled. That disables the !permit command. You can re-enable that at:

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