Line Breaks part deux


I realize Twitch and YouTube don’t natively support line breaks (pretty backward thinking imo) and in a similar thread a solution was offered to use to work around the issue, however, there appears to be a problem with the site.

What I’d LIKE to do is have a command “friends” to spit out a small list of streamer names and stream url’s on individual lines like so:

Tune in to these folks for more great content:
:diamonds: Streamer 1 - url
:diamonds: Streamer 2 - url
That way the formatting doesn’t break unless the viewer has the app in a tiny window.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Or another idea I had was being able to adjust the formatting of the command where the stream url string was not displayed but the name of the streamer was the clickable link to the channel, in much the same way as most web-based editors permit adding a “CLICK ME” link where the actual url is hidden. So it would look like:

Follow these awesome streamers: Streamer1 (clickable link to channel IS the name of the streamer), etc.

I realize I explained this in the most convoluted way but I think you get the idea. :slight_smile:


You can use this to send multiple messages containing URLs.

$(urlfetch 1 - URL`Streamer 2 - URL`Etc)

You can send up to 6 messages. Make sure the messages are separated by backticks as shown above.

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Thanks! Can this use the variables {{url}} to parse the URL of the streamer or will I need to fill in the URLs?

Either way should work.

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