Letting users create clips on any platform using NeatClip!

Hey, developer of NeatClip here.

NeatClip is a service that lets users create clips of any livestream on any platform (YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, Facebook, …) without any restrictions (longer durations, etc.).

Recently, I added an API that allows registered users create clips themselves. Now, lots of people have requested I would give them information about how to integrate NeatClip with Nightdev, which is why I’m posting here. I discovered that Nightbot offers an urlfetch() as well as an eval() feature. I think this way, people should be able to add a command that queries the NeatClip API and returns the clip in their chat. What’s cool about this is that the streamer actually gets control over the clips (unlike e.g. on Twitch, where the users control the clips).

Now, I do require help on how to integrate this with Nightbot. Would the following command work? More information about the NeatClip API can be found here.

`!commands add !clip $(eval const api = $(urlfetch json 
 api.error || !api[0] ? 'success' : ${api[1]} - ${api[2]})`

Here’s a temporary API Key for testing: 8JKGZhwS3pmvLHKCrZ44NlzudZ37F9JZUhYg0hxqD1w4Y0FUFT

Dear Author,

I have been trying to add your script to my nightbot. Unfortunately it gives the error: “Right-hand side of ‘instance of’ is not an object.

Have tried this couple of times, also tried to replace “`!commands add !clip” with “!addcom !clip” (which made nightbot answer and give the above mentioned error.

Thanks in advance.

Have a good one, t0ny

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