Left Side Chat is broken?

It seems like a new twitch update now extends the followers online column outwards and it is overlapping into the chatbox. Covers the left part of the chat so some words get covered up. I cant collapse the follower column. Now the funny thing is, sometimes I can get it to work if the collapse arrow pointing the opposite appears. But I have not figured out how to do it every time. Sorry if this may not make any sense, it is something you have to play with a little and then you’ll see. Then again, I’m not sure how many people use left side chat but I like it and have been using it for some time now.

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We’re not able to reproduce this behavior, so you might try disabling other browser extensions and/or clearing your cookies to see if that helps.

I am having the same issue with all other extensions disabled in chrome, channel bar overlaps the chat when it is on the left.

I am having the same issue. And the EXPAND and COLLAPSE when its on the left side, is upside down. I will try and screen shot right now

Here is what I am showing. Just started happening this weekend.

Hello, I have responded with a picture of what the issue is, as I am having it as well. I posted to a reply on OPs main post.

I also have this exact issue. BTTV is up to date, Chrome is up to date.

Have you guys tried clearing your cookies & cache? @theweirdone @Rob_Rob

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