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I was using this piece below as reference and have everything working but wanted to know if anyone could figure out how to set up a !leavequeue using this current customapi? Thanks all

Go to https://twitch.center/customapi/quote/generate 399. You will see three lines. After token= on the first line, you will see your first token. After token= on the second and third lines, you will see your second token. Use these to replace FIRSTTOKEN and SECONDTOKEN before you add the following commands.

!commands add !joinqueue -a=!joinqueueadder $(eval queueString = $(urlfetch http://twitch.center/customapi/quote/list?token=FIRSTTOKEN); userExists = false; regex = /\d+. (.*?) /g; while ((match = regex.exec(queueString)) !== null){if (match[1] === $(user)){userExists = true}} if (userExists) {"="} else {"=" + encodeURIComponent($(user))})

!commands add !joinqueueadder $(eval $(urlfetch http://twitch.center/customapi/addquote?token=SECONDTOKEN&data$(query)).includes(“Successfully added entry”) ? $(user) was added to the viewer game queue : $(user) is already in the viewer game queue)

!commands add !viewqueue $(eval (queueString = $(urlfetch http://twitch.center/customapi/quote/list?token=FIRSTTOKEN)) === “There are no quotes added” ? “The viewer game queue is empty” : queueString)

!commands add !popqueue -ul=moderator $(eval (removedViewer = $(urlfetch http://twitch.center/customapi/delquote?token=SECONDTOKEN&data=1)).includes(“Successfully deleted entry”) ? (removedViewer.substr(removedViewer.indexOf(":") + 1) + " was removed from the viewer game queue") : “The viewer game queue is already empty”)

!commands add !clearqueue -ul=moderator $(eval if ($(urlfetch http://twitch.center/customapi/quote/list?token=FIRSTTOKEN) === “There are no quotes added”){“The viewer game queue is already empty”} else {$(urlfetch http://twitch.center/customapi/delquote?token=SECONDTOKEN&clear=1); “The viewer game queue has been cleared”})

Hey, I made new queue commands that are more versatile and include a leave feature. Here is the website that generates the commands: https://vxrl.xyz/commands/queue

Let me know if you find any bugs or if there is a feature I should add.

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Thanks I will give it a shot!

Amazing work man! I installed it and it is exactly what I needed/wanted

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