League of legends mains

Hi i would like to set up a command which would show top 5 most played champions. How could i do that?

The available League of Legends commands can be found here:

For most played champions you would need to create a Custom API for now.

I created an Custom API that has that command available. Just contact me here or on Twitch if you want the command since it’s not yet available from the $(leagueoflegends) variable.

i would like the command

I contacted you on your Twitch account.

i did not receive your message

Be sure to look into the “Others” category on Twitch. Otherwise, go to your channel, I’ll stay in the chat so you can contact me

idk i get 404 when i open , others " ill sit in my chat when i can

@Kazanovax you’ll find all the information that you need on my Github page to add this command.

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