Lastphoto similar to Last Tweet, custom API for last instagram photo posted

I’m a noob to API but was able to creat the GET request which returns the last instagram photo posted. I think this needs to be hosted similar to the way the last tweet/youtube api GET request works.

Is there a way someone can create that?

Example: !lastphoto
Here’s soandso’s latest Instagram picture: [First 30chars of photo description…] [photo link]

Yes that possible, however its not as easy as youtube/twitter. Because you need the access token for the Instagram user, before you can receive their data, while twitter and youtube data is public. There are some other websites that offer a simple authentication method for instagram, but if I’m going to host this script I want my own authentication.

I can take a look at it somewhere next week, but if somebody else is faster go ahead.
I’ll tag @rtainc since he also has alot of custom API’s :smile:

I was able to get a token, client id, and user id very easily with no experience with APIs. I just am not sure how to go about extracting the specific data which would be the caption, link to pic, and possibly how long ago it was posted.

@xgerhard, fair enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

Where TOKEN can be gotten from

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