!lastkill question

I typed these codes (including my latest twitch clip) into my Streamlabs OBS chat and they were added to nightbot commands

!addcom -cd=5 !lastkill Check out $(channel)’s latest kill over here: Twitch

!addcom !updlastkill -a=!editcom !lastkill Check out $(channel)’s latest kill over here: $(query)

But do I have to type !updlastkill and also add the link to the new clip I want it to update? Because just typing !updlastkill does not seem to do anything.

Yes it would be formatted as such when you type the command

!uplastkill LinkToLastKill

And as more the reason there’s no response at all it seems night is not working as of rn

So there is literally no point to the !updlastkill command then, if you have to manually change the !lastkill command response, thanks anyway.

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