KS emote got rejected

So I tried to upload the emote that says “KS” and i got it rejected saying that text letters are not allowed. I don’t understand what is wrong with emote “KS”, if you allowed someone else to use emote “GG” HERE: https://manage.betterttv.net/emotes/59f6de034ebd8047f54e043f

Can somebody help me explain the logic?


GG is a common enough acronym that everyone understands what it means. This is explained in the rules.

Ok excuse me, but so is KS…

Not for me, or the approver, apparently. What does it stand for?

Kill steal

It is well known in League of Legends community, because it means kill steal -happens when you take a kill from someone that worked hard to get it. It happens a lot in my games and my chat wants to celebrate that with an emote.
And my main game to stream is League of Legends.

Hope I explained it understandable.

We only allow a handful of acronyms to be used, and KS is not one of them, sorry.

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