Keyword giveaway not showing users

I logged in with my twitch account, clicked giveaways, clicked Keyword, entered the keyword … but when users type it in my twitch chat they never show up on the left in nightbot. So when I roll it, it says no eleigible users. I’ve tried IE, chrome, Firefox, and edge. What is wrong?

Make sure that the Eligibility is correctly set in the giveaway. I cannot reproduce this issue on my end.

I clicked each of them and made sure the blue was sound the rectangle. I’ll try again. I’m going to feel like an idio if that’s the cause

Still not working. I tried from another computer too. Using chrome. Disabled all extensions. I made sure all boxes under eligibility are selected. I even deselected them in case I had it backwards. The keyword shows up on the right when someone types it in, but then the users never show up on the left. I assume this is all javascript based or something? What can I do about this? I’m trying to set this up for my son so he can do a giveaway. He’s already reached his follower goal for the giveaway and we can’t give anything away.

If users are not showing up on the giveaway page, it generally means your browser is unable to connect to our chat socket. I would recommend refreshing the page, trying a different browser, or making sure your internet connection supports websockets (some proxies/vpns break these kinds of sockets).

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