Keeping BetterTTV and letting my mods clear the chat

I’ve been streaming a lot more lately, and as a small time streamer (average of 2 viewers) I tend to have people pop in and out of my chat. With my chat on screen this leaves things said 10+ minutes ago sitting there. Now usually that person is not there, and I personally tell my mod to clear the chat when I’m sure. This keeps my screen clean since I’m using a chroma key’d chat, and allows new people to pop in have a fresh new chat with me.

Now the other issue is, I play a lot of TF2, and some of the people coming in are a bit rude, they spam, are annoying, don’t listen, etc… usual trolls and little kids that don’t listen. So i ask my mod to clear the chat and take care of the people misbehaving, like you would. But BetterTTV stops the chat from being cleared, so i have “I’d love to have you suck my giant fat cock richie” (actual quote) sitting on my screen, and in chat for anyone who pops into my stream to see. Now to fix this I have to tab out of my game and waste time clearing the fucking chat from the popup menu. this shows up on my stream and overall does not seem like it’s good quality streaming to have me halt what I’m doing to get rid of old messages and spam.

I really enjoy every other aspect of BetterTTV but please tell me there is a way to let my mods clear the damn chat.

I’ve read other post and apparently this is a feature because in the past mods have cleared the chat to troll, but I don’t have mods that do that, and if I did I’d remove them immediately.

That works for the spam and rule breakers. But it doesn’t help the fact that I need old messages removed with out me stopping the game and tabbing out to do it.

I use OBS, and window capture for the Chat.

BetterTTV only prevents the entire chat from being cleared. It does not prevent specific chat lines from being cleared as a result of a timeout or ban. As stated by the other person in this thread, you can have a moderator timeout or ban users who post this. Additionally, chat bots are designed to easily handle this type of spam too.

If you’re just looking for a better way to capture chat, you can definitely have a look at OBS Chat. As for BetterTTV changing to purge the entire chat, this is not something we are interested in adding support for at this time, sorry. When something is said in chat you can’t take it back. The clear chat function creates a false perception that things said in chat can be reversed, which is not the case.

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