Kapchat will not go transparent

hi im trying something new with kapchat insted of the transparent obs chat that i currently have and doesnt fade i have found the same problem on this forum that was solved only the easy fix did not work for me i have the backgrond selected as none but it still shows up as a dark background regardless of what i do ive tried refreshing and reopening it will fade but when it appears it is not transparent

You can set the Chat Theme to None if you want a transparent background. Chat Fade doesn’t effect themes or transparency.

ya thats the problem i have set the theme to none but its still not transparent

I have complete transparency for this link using a basic gradient.

Double check that there is nothing in your CSS option in the OBS Source. Otherwise provide some links/screenshots or ways to reproduce this.

i figured it out just now but thanks a bunch i had to completely delete everything and remake it and it worked fine cant just delete and paste over or edit code

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