Kapchat connects to chat but nothing else shows

just strange little glitch seams like, was working earlier today, but now its gone poop lol. it connects to my channel and everything, just no actual messages appear


Confirm that issue.
Here is a screenshot: https://vgy.me/bRtew8.png

And there I was thinking I did something wrong. By the looks of it, it’s the same as Issue as described above.

I’m also having the exact same issue.

Exactly the same here

same here seems like the new version of twitch doesnt support

This should be fixed now. Thanks for your patience.


I am also the same problem today has occurred.

same here, maybe they will fix soon?

Problem seams fixed on my end,thanks night…as an alternative there is twitch alerts chat if anybody’s is still having problems. Kapchats just better imo :slight_smile:

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same here, it still doesn’t work.

Yeah, me too. I’m not sure but I think it must be on the dev end…
I’ve tried with multiple channels, my own and then tried to get chat from a very busy channel with no avail.

Me too! Happened yesterday but then seemed to work for a few hours. Frustrating!

This should be fixed now. Thanks for your patience. Twitch instability is causing our software to keep goofing up, unfortunately.

Is it broken again? Sadly for me it doesn’t seem to work. It is connecting to the chat but doesn’t display any messages :confused:

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It is currently broken. It will be fixed in a little while i suspect it just needs a restart currently.

I’m experiencing the same issue, the chat connects but messages do not appear. I always used the CLR browser without any problems but today it’s not working anymore, I didn’t change anything.

Kapchat should be back up, apologies for the couple hours downtime.

This should be permanently resolved at this time. We’ve swapped over to Twitch’s SSL websockets for parsing chat, since they finally got released.

The chat broke for me today. It was working for an hour then suddenly stopped updating. Do I need to get a new link since KapChat seems to have updated?