Just can't seem to get !so to work for me

Hello everyone.

I’ve searched and followed the suggestions found in many of the forum posts and I just can’t seem to get the command to work.

Here is my list https://beta.nightbot.tv/t/borrietheblade/commands and you’ll see I have a bunch in there but none work with the !so in front.

The rest do.

Any help is greatly appreciated


@borrietheblade This is an example !so command you can try out. Just copy and paste this into your chat:

!addcom -cd=5 !so $(twitch $(touser) "Go check out {{displayName}} playing {{game}} at {{url}}") PogChamp

Use: !so [channel you want to shoutout]

right so by placing that command in my chat, it will also add it to my list I provided right?

See I think I was trying to place that command in the “add command” part of my nightbot dashboard.

Also, where you have !so [channel you want to shoutout], the brackets do not need to be there for a viewer to activate the command correct?

Just copy and paste that into chat and it’ll be added to your custom commands list. And yeah, the brackets aren’t needed.

Awesome. Seems to be working however, I want to add my own text to the command you just provided me like after “go check out…” and no matter what I add, it isn’t getting adding into the message.

Should I just replace “go check out” with whatever I want it to say or am I putting it in at the wrong spot? I seem to be able to add whatever I want to the end after the last parenthesis

Within the $(twitch) variable is a bunch of text bound by straight double quotes (""). Whatever is between these quotes ends up within Nightbot’s response. Type whatever you want inside the quotes just as long as the {{displayName}}, {{game}}, and {{url}} (think of these as sub-variables of the $(twitch) variable) remain untouched.

I thought so.

I just tried to remove “go check out” and kept the double quotes and it still kept the original text. I didn’t touch the sub-variables that you mentioned.

This is what I tried: $(twitch $(touser) “We have here Locked On Co-Host {{displayName}}, playing {{game}} at {{url}}”) check them out, tell them I sent ya, and bring beer. He’s a thirsty little bugger.

I don’t see anything wrong with the command other than perhaps you used curly quotes instead of straight quotes. Whatever the case, try this:

!editcom !so $(twitch $(touser) "We have here Locked On Co-Host {{displayName}}, playing {{game}} at {{url}}") Check them out, tell them I sent ya, and bring beer. He’s a thirsty little bugger.

It’s the quotes on my keyboard lol. I don’t know how to add straight quotes. On my keyboard, they look straight. I’ll copy what you just made and see if it works. I know it’s me and not you or the bot.

Sorry and thank you for your patience and your help.

Ok. I think I know what’s happening.

The !so command message stays the same no matter what user name I use behind !so. I want to create custom ones for each friend. Since the original !so command has the one you just edited above has the string attached to it, I can’t seem to edit it to a custom one.

I don’t understand why it’s not letting me make a custom !so [twitch name] and then a custom message for that specific user.

You know what I mean? Am I making any sense to you? Lol

If you want a generic !so command that you’d use to shoutout any channel, just stick to this:

$(twitch $(touser) "Go check out {{displayName}} playing {{game}} at {{url}}")

If you want to attach a message at the end of an !so command then you could add a second !so command like this:

!addcom -cd=5 !so2 $(twitch $(touser) "Go check out {{displayName}} playing {{game}} at {{url}}") $(eval a=decodeURIComponent(`$(querystring)`).split(` `);a.shift();a.join(` `))

You’d use it like so: !so2 [username] [message to attach at the end]

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