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just another issue with blacklist not working

Hello there,
I very hope that you will help to figure out this issue.
I read already almost all topics with same issue, but no luck.
Tired different ways words with comma, words in separate line, words in stars - no reaction.
Nightbot is moderator and it successfully ban users for caps and emoji usage, but today tried just one word- hello - nightbot made no action.
many thanks for any help!

best regards

You have exempt user level set to everyone meaning it has no effect on anyone. I would do moderator or vip at the least


I didnt change this option. So exempt for everyone it would mean that everybody may swear… f. Right . I have to set exemption just for top user or moder and then it will work. How I didnt get this on my own…
Sadly I will be able to test it in a week.
thank you a lot!

Issue solved.
work like a charm!

just if nightbot could ban flooders…

thank you!