Javascrip replace

Hello everyone,
I’m a bit new to this business, so please don’t judge I’m still learning how to use javascript correctly.
So what I wanna do, is to translate, the commands to my language(hungarian), using the text replacer function in java script

For example, I’m using a custom api for LOL Ranks, it is like “GMProg is Diamond IV 5 LP”
and I tried to replace the “is” phrase with a um, you will see in the codes below. But I always got an answer that “Invalid variable” So yea, can you help me make this thing work?

var r = document.getElementsByTagName("a[href='$(querystring)&method=rank&channel=$(channel)&key=ZVUAOq5WhH&bot=Nightbot&user=$(user)']");
r.replace('is' , 'ebben a divízióban tartózkodik');
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Refer to the API’s documentation for help:

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