I've hit the maximum songs uploaded in Nightbot


I’m running a 24/7 video game music Youtube stream, and my viewer constantly want to add more playlists.
So I just upload entire soundtracks into the player, but now I’ve hit a certain maximum of songs at like 1170 songs.

Is there any way to avoid this limit? Can I do anything about it? Perhaps doing it through soundcloud or spotify enables me to upload unlimited?

I hope you can help me here!



AutoDJ is meant to be used to allow users to request individual songs, and you can have a playlist to resort to when no songs are in the queue, 1170 songs should be more than enough for that.
If you want to just play a playlist of songs on stream why not just play straight from a youtube or spotify playlist?

I’ve checked the options that you present.

It is really hard for people to grab the correct song out of the entirety of Youtube because there are alot of covers/remixes, 1hour videos and more. It’s near impossible. Not to mention trolls. And if something goes wrong, they can’t delete songs either.

They are currently requesting out of my playlists which works flawlessly. Isn’t there anything that can be done to let me upload more playlists?



It sounds like a better idea would be to require them to post a link, instead of allowing them to search.

On the nightbot song request site you can delete a song you request if it was the wrong song. I don’t believe you can delete it through chat, however.

The thing is, there will always need to be some limit, the playlist for a channel takes space and its not meant to be some huge playlist. A database of 1100 songs should be enough if you don’t want people requesting everything. But if you do want them to request everything, then you would use the features provided in nightbot to do so, not try and manually add every good song on youtube.

The points you give are valid if I’m at the PC alot. But it’s a 24/7 stream, I need to be able to AFK it…

I’ve looked into spotify instead, is there a certain limit there? Or is it the same.

If you don’t need to limit people to your playlist then there’s only a limit on the queue itself. The playlist limit is always the same.

I understand, thanks you for the reply!

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