I've downloaded streamtip 0.1.1 but it doesnt appear to be working

I recently downloaded and installed streamtip 0.1.1, I configured the API id and token with the donation sounds which I used in the old stream donations system. But when I am trying to test the streamtip application by adding a tip manually on the dashboard, nothing happens, no sounds are played, and no notification of the tip. The tip shows up no problem on the website and in OBS as I have the visual alert on aswell, just the application doesn’t work.

What I have done so far;
Completely uninstalled the application and reinstalled it - same result as described above

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Does it say “Bad Login” on the main page? If not, I’m not sure why you’d be having issues.

It says nothing, this is all that is shown


having the same problem , i ad a manual donation to test it it does not go in to the alerter and i set up to refresh top donation and recent donation than it doesent write anithing in to the recent donation txt file…

I am experiencing this same issue. I reinstalled everything and refreshed multiple times… Still no msg sent to the streamtip alert system only the dashboard on the main site, and no sound or msg being sent to OBS on the visual alert.

UPDATE: If you’re using a .mp3 or .wav file for a sound, try not using those. Only .ogg is supported (although .wav should work too, I need to figure out why it’s not in certain instances).

If you’re having issues, please do the following:

  1. Download and install this debug build of the alerter: https://streamtip.com/dl/StreamtipAlerter_0.1.1_debug.exe
  2. After installing, run the program. You’ll see there’s now an address bar. Click the button with 3 horizontal bars to open the developer tools.
  3. Click on the console tab:
  4. Wait for a few minutes. This is important because we need to see what happens over time, not right at app startup.
  5. Copy and paste all of the text in the console tab to the message form at http://www.nightdev.com/contact

When enough people start sending me logs I might able to possibly diagnose why some of you are having issues.

I will send a message to nightdev.com/contact with the console report

This issue should be fully fixed in 0.1.2

I am using 0.1.2 and experiencing this issue. I added some test tips and no sounds played, (yes I am using ogg files) and no tips appeared on the application.

Using the OBS alert worked. But the program itself failed. It didn’t give me any bad login errors, when I put in my details the box turned green

If you’re having problems follow the instructions I already posted. Without any sort of logs there’s no way to know why it doesn’t work for you.

It appears I have wasted your time. When I first installed 0.1.2, it failed to show tips as I said.

I had not provided any log because I was unsure if the 0.1.1 debug was going to be beneficial for an out of date report. I installed this and the tips worked as they should. So I re-installed 0.1.2 and it is now working fine.

If you still need any kind of debug report from me, I will happily provide it.

Update: 0.1.2 has gone back to non functional. I will submit a debug report from the 0.1.1 debug version shortly

I sent my log as requested.

Streamtip Alerter 0.1.2 is working fine for my self, tips and tip sounds are working fine, If I come across any bugs I will report them

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