It's time to make gachiGASM global

My fellow brothers, I know you used to not take global requests but hell it’s used more than FeelsGoodMan without being a global emote(source - )

There was some movement regarding this before ( ) but looks like nothing happened.

Sadly due to copyright and source issues it is not possible to make it a global emote. That tweet was made before such issues were brought to our attention. We do recognize that a lot of people use it, and that was why we had indeed considered making it a global.

If you mean approval from Billy Herrington himself we can probably make it happen since we had forsenGASM already, not sure about the actual emote creator I don’t know him

Orginal creator response -

Apologies for the confusion. We’re always open to feedback from the community, and we did consider adding this emote to the list of globals. Unfortunately, however, we’re not willing to make it global due to its origin being from NSFW content, sorry. Without a way for certain channels to disable this emote in their channel, we’re not willing to push content to everyone that might be deemed inappropriate to some. While this is something we may have approved when the extension userbase was smaller, there’s a lot of users now so we tend to be careful with decisions that affect everyone.

Is it currently possible for a channel to do that? Would an option in settings be good enough? From what I’ve seen so far nobody minded the emote itself(Grubby, Bulldog, Forsen, have it enabled and those are 3 very different communities - maybe Forsen-Bulldog is a bit of a stretch but Bulldog and majority of his audience are more tame for sure), if someone wouldn’t want NSFW-origin emotes they could turn them off in their channel. That seems like a solid compromise since it’s used so often and a lot of people want it.

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