It does not work !songs request

Hello, I tell you

To request songs in my live Twitch I have to do it in the manual way that would be entering the web of Nigthboth because if I enter the command! Songsrequest in Twitch does not work and even putting! Songs does not do anything bot.

I removed the bot and added it to the stream again but nothing, the timers work and everything for example timers but nothing commands …


Para pedir canciones en mi directo de Twitch tengo que hacerlo de la forma manual que sería entrando a la web de Nigthboth ya que si ingreso el comando !songsrequest en Twitch no funciona e inclusive al poner !songs no hace nada el bot.

Saqué el bot y lo agregé denuevo al stream pero nada, funcionan los timers y todo por ejemplo timers pero de comandos nada…

Hiya, are other commands working? Make sure the !songs command is enabled:

And check if AutoDJ is enabled:

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Friend, thank you very much !! the command was deactivated and now everything works perfectly

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