Issues with the $(time) variable. (Sorry, New)

Sorry to be a pain, but I’ve been trying to use the $(time) command in my chat, but with a formatted time layout. I’ve been trying to use

$(time Europe/London “dddd Do MMMM YYYY, HH:mm”)

(I’ve tried adding in the [GMT] ZZ thing as well, no luck) but it always prints the default form of Month, Day, Year. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you for any advice!

The command in your post uses left and right quotes ( and ), which don’t work with the $(time) variable. The forum software automatically uses these though, so I don’t know if you were actually using them in your command. When you post code on the forum, make sure to surround it with backticks so that the software doesn’t format it.

This command works for me.

!commands edit !time $(time Europe/London "dddd Do MMMM YYYY, HH:mm")

Awesome! Thank you so much. I was doing it on mobile, which defaults to the left and right quotes. Switched those and it works perfectly, such a simple thing to miss. Thanks again!

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