Issues with managing song requests in beta

Whenever I open the AutoDJ on a channel I manage in the beta to delete inappropriate song requests, I receive a red error message “You do not have permission to delete that song” on page load. The same error is also shown whenever I actually try to delete a requested song.

Given how hard it is to manage this through !songs delete, it would be very useful if this would work correctly.

The problems with using !songs delete are that it seems to be on the same timout interval of at least 5 seconds, along with all other !songs commands triggered through regular users (so if you call the !songs delete command, it doesn’t work if someone requests a song right before you try to delete one). The fact that the video ID’s change whenever a song ends or is skipped is pretty annoying as well.

Thanks in advance!

This was a bug and has now been fixed. Thanks.

The current cool down system is not perfect by any means. This is something we are aware of and are working to improve in a future update.

Thanks for the quick fix, works just fine now! :smile:

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