Issue with intergrating nightbot current_song textfile to OBS


I recently added music to my streams, and it works perfectly fine. People usually ask what kind of songs are currently playing and I do not have the time to type or look at chat right away while i’m in a game. So, I decided to install the nightbot beta application and followed the proper instructions on how to display the user’s name and the song currently playing on my screen; HOWEVER, it displays as "Tina Maria Requested [some random song I never even requested]. Any way to change that? People requests songs all the time but it doesn’t update on screen. I do have nightbot running in the background while streaming as well. I just want the text to update automatically when someone requests a song. It’s stuck showing my name with a bizarre song.

Help would be greatly appreciated !

The Text file auto-updates whenever a new song is playing in AutoDJ, not when a song is requested. If the file is not updated after playing a song you might need to give the app administrator rights.

You can also update the file output format in the AutoDJ settings to add/remove parts as you desire.

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