Issch.exe in Nightbot files - high GPU load

Hello there.

There’s something wrong with your Nightbot or something gets installed with it that eats 83% of GPU (GTX570) and about 13% of CPU (FX-6300 @ 4.3GHz so its quite much).
File is located in AppData\Local\Nightbot\ISSCH
File name is: “issch.exe” (InstallShield Update Service)

This can even lead to burning GPU or shortening its life as it starts to overheat to 70C being idle. Some users that dont know what thermal paste is and have never changed it in their video cards may even get their equipment broken.

Thing is, is it your software? Is there any solution to fix this?

Thanks in advance and please, remove this file from Nightbot till you find a fix.

You probably have a virus or other malware, since our installer does not install a folder called “ISSCH” in your local AppData folder. We install to your Program Files instead, and the only files that should be in your AppData are chromium profile files.

Thank you, solved i guess

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