Is there a way to make Nightbot rejoin channel without being admin?

On YouTube I have a 24/7 Livestream of music running. Sometimes (I suppose once a week or something) Nightbot will stop working until I make him part and rejoin the channel. However, I’m not always there and the moderators are good at maintaining the stream apart from this issue. Would there be a way to impose a moderator-only command to make nightbot rejoin the channel? They could then run the command via Discord to make Nightbot rejoin the channel or something. Might be a tad unpractical but I wouldn’t see any other way to do it. Or is there a way to detect when this is happening (ie if timer outputs return an error) to make Nightbot automatically rejoin the channel?

Moderators do not have the ability to join/part Nightbot. You can add users as managers in the Nightbot Account Settings, they will have access to your dashboard including the Join/Part button.

Wow thanks, I didn’t know that was possible. That actually completely solves it. :slight_smile:

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