Is there a way to make Nightbot play a rock / punk / metal playlist?

I don’t really mind listening to D&B, house, … al this party music. But after a while, I’d kinda want to listen to some rock / punk / metal. That’s more my style. But the autodj never plays it. Is there a way to make it play specific genres? (I’m using the beta version)

If you are streaming on Twitch, there is also a default “Twitch Music Library” playlist you can access. To swap to that, you’ll need to change the playlist setting in the song request settings. There’s also a “Channel” playlist option, which allows you to make your own playlist.

Please keep in mind that the playlist functionality is meant to be used as an intermission tool when your song request queue is empty, not as a full fledged music player.

Allright, thanks :slightly_smiling:

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